CcS Coin Incentives Program at BSCN

The CcS Coin will soon be available via one of its first reward programs. Together in cooperation with the platform both writers and readers of the BSCN Content will be rewarded with CcS Coins based on their activity and popularity.

Since the public release of the CcS Blockchain, we have been looking for new and fresh solutions in the incentives industry. CcS envisions a collaborative market. Our blockchain might be based on the POS Consensus our mentalities and mindsets are based on the POC principles.

The CcS Blockchain might be driven on a POS Consensus but the founders of the organisation are driven on a POC mindset which has several meanings such as “Proof of Collaboration”, “Proof of Connecting” “Proof of Contributing” “Proof of Contraction”, “Proof of Cleaning”. We are open-minded to more “POC Lifestyle” incentive ideas in the future.

Read more about the CcS POC mindset

Since we have decided to allocate several CcS Coins as a writer stake reward, we have noticed an immediate noticeable growth in the amount of news articles on the bscn news platform.

The CcS Coins will be manually send based on the results that publishers or readers are able to achieve on the bscn network. For writers this will mean that the quality and length of content, frequent involvement, amount of topics as well as the engagement on the topics will be monitored.

For readers, the BSCN Writer incentive program will be unlocked within the BSCN apps where users have the possibility of reading news topics while searching for hidden rewards or random bonuses.

There are already several writers who have been receiving Writer stakes simply by writing interesting content in regards of the BSC environment. If you are interested to participate you can learn more about the BSCN Writer Stakes on:

You can also get in touch directly via the contact form available on the link below:

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