CcS Staking Pools Info

Anyone has the possibility to stake CcS and earn with the CcS Master Staking Pools

CcS Staking Pools make things easier.

If you do not hold enough coins to stake with the CcS Blockchain you can still stake!

The CcS Staking Algoritme is available for everyone. However if you are not able to keep your desktop wallet version up and running or if you might not own a desktop wallet version or you only have a very small amount of coins then you might feel left out out of the picture. With our master staking pools you can always stake. 

Why Stake CcS?

Read about our project plans to learn why staking CcS could be interesting for you.

What is CcS Blockchain What is CcS Coin CcS Whitepaper

Why Staking Pools?

Not everyone has the opportunity to buy a computer and those that have one may not always be able to keep it running 24/7. CcS Staking pools make it possible for everyone to stake no matter what.

0% Risk based staking pools

The CcS Staking pools are based on super staking and delegations, meaning that everyone can allocate their coins at someones pool without actually transfering the coins to someone else their wallet (Controlled lending).

Electricity fee reduction

Even though staking CcS Coins should not cost you any additional electricity cost keeping your machine running for 24 hours a day will certainly cost you extra electricity, our staking pools can help you avoid this. 

Solving Inaccessibility

Many blockchains claim to be available and accessible to everyone with fair and equal circumstances. yet, after 1,5 decades most blockchain models have proven otherwise. The CcS Blockchain however does solve this by its delegation solution on staking.

Stake weight doesnt matter

Whether you are a big holder or a small holder, for the CcS Blockchain you are equally important and with the built-in staking pool solutions everyone is able to collect stakes much more frequently compared to blockchains were stake weight does matter.

Earn better together

The super staking model allows people to earn together, Either use premade pools or create your own pool easily throughout the desktop wallet directly and build a massive web of public known or private accessible staking pools.

Ccs Staking Pools

CcS Super Staker Pools Large stakers 

  • 50,000 CcS Coins + 7% Staking Reward Fee
  • 25,000 CcS Coins +9% Staking Reward Fee
  • 12,500 CcS Coins +11% Staking Reward Fee
  •  5,000 CcS Coins +13% Staking Reward Fee

CcS Super Staker Pools Small stakers 

  • 100 CcS Coins + 15% Staking Reward Fee
  • 50 CcS Coins +20% Staking Reward Fee
  • 25 CcS Coins +25% Staking Reward Fee
  •  1 CcS Coins +30% Staking Reward Fee

How does it work to stake CcS Coins in a delegation pool?

Get a CcS Wallet

Download the CcS Blockchain or open your wallet on the CcS Web Wallet in order to get started.

Obtain some CcS Coins

Obtain CcS Coins either by contributing to the community or purchasing them via others.

Delegate your CcS Coins to stake

go to the staking segment and then to the interface delegation. Enter the pool details to start staking.

CcS Staking Pools

CcS Super Staker Minimum Pool 24/7 (30% Staking Fee)
Needed | min: 1 and Max 200 CcS Coins
Name CcS Super Staker Minimum
Wallet: CNUNC9QSDJd5jyWec4ikrCgLnwgkAcDx8s

CcS Super Staker General Pool 24/7 (15% Staking Fee)
Needed |min: 100 and max: 5000 CcS Coins
Name: CcS Super Staker General
wallet: CZaQnz3qMNpcWFBkLPKapQDyXt6M9QYCvc