What is CcS Coin?

CcS Coins (CcS) are one of the Digital currencies for our blockchain adopted future.

CcS Coins are digital, global asset and the currency of the CcS Ecosystem

The initial supply of CcS Coins are 4 million pieces and the max supply are 65 million pieces reached in 2053.

CcS Coins provide global access to digital assets and data-friendly services for everyone. CcS Coin is a cryptocurrency and therefor a digital asset. It is very scarce to obtain and can be used as digital money that you can use on to purchase or sell directly on the internet or in real life where CcS is accepted as a payment. CcS is similar to Ethereum and Bitcoin, if you are completely new to cryptocurrencies then there is a lot that you will have to learn. CcS makes the process of learning about blockchain and cryptocurrency as simple as it gets. CcS coins are very different from traditional types of value such as money, gold and other materials that you can obtain in real life. CcS Coins are fully digital and decentral and therefor only exist on digital devices.


Interesting information about CcS Blockchain

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The Coins really belong to you

CcS Allows you to control your own funds at your own risk as if you are your own bank. You have full control over the funds within your wallet which can never be overruled unless someone manages to obtain your private access key.

Secured by cryptography technology

Digital money of the internet is still very new, however, already more secured and based on proven cryptography that ensures protection to your wallet, funds and all your transactions or blockchain interactions.

Payments are Peer to Peer

Whenever you make a transaction with your CcS there are no intermediary services involved unless your using a centralized cryptocurrency storage service. In any other circumstance it is fully peer to peer and decentral at all times.

0% centralized control

CcS is fully decentralized and globally accessible. There is no company, bank, institute or person that has any editable rights that can be accessed to change the available data on the CcS Blockchain.

Publically accessible for everyone

In order to start using CcS all you will need is an device with internet connection and a wallet to accept or send CcS. There is no access to a bank account or other intermediary whatsoever.

Available in low quantity

The CcS Coins are extremely scarce and therefor CcS coins contain up to 18 decimal allowing users to purchase a fraction of a CcS Coin instead of a whole CcS Coin.

Want to buy CcS

In order to purchase the CcS Coin you will either need Bitcoin or Ethereum or an intermediary service that provides purchases via Fiduciary money.

What is unique about the CcS Coin

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies available on the internet these days. In order to provide unique and valuable aspects is becoming more of a challenge every day. The CcS Blockchain allows many projects to create their own digital asset against extremely low transaction fees, however there are several things that only the CcS Coin itself can achieve on top of the CcS Blockchain.

CcS Coins secure and fuel the CcS Blockchain

Only the CcS Coins have the ability to utilize an interaction or transaction on top of the CcS Blockchain. CcS is the source of life of the CcS Blockchain. Whenever you send CcS or use any application that is build on top of the CcS Blockchain, you will pay a small fee in CcS coins to execute the interaction on the CcS Network. The fee is most often an incentive for the network node operators and stakers who make it possible to process and verify transactions within a very short period of time. Since the CcS Blockchain is capable of utulizing more then 10.000 transactions per second we can guarantee an extreme low transaction fee until we reach hundreds of millions of transactions per second. Anyone that wants to contribute to the process of staking on the CcS Blockchain can start doing so simply by downloading the CcS Core Wallet, syncing to the CcS Blockchain which is an automated process after you open the CcS Blockchain Core Wallet and then obtain some CcS Coins in order to start participating in the staking process of the CcS Coins.

How to start staking CcS Coins

Everyone that is part of the staking cycles help with checking, proving and verifying transactions to make sure that no one is cheating the system. This is also a fully automated process that is utulized by the blockchain itself, by having your machine and wallet connected you simply contribute to the process and therefor are rewarded at every block reward that is completed on the CcS blockchain. Because of the massive support of the staking network the possibility of full decentralization is possible. This is one of the reasons why automated blockchain rewards exist. The more stakers and node operators the CcS Blockchain will obtain in the future the better the foundation and potential of a fully established and future minded CcS oriented ecosystem is capable. When you are staking your CcS coins you are directly contributing to securing and improving the conditions of the CcS Blockchain and therefor are rewarded appropiately for your involvement and contribution.

How to Obtain CcS Coins

CcS Coins can be purchased with Bitcoin or Ethereum or via a third-party intermediary platform that provides its users with the ability to exchange CcS Coins against fiduciary money instead of cryptocurrency based (digital) money.

Can I sell my CcS Coins?

CcS Coins can be sold at any moment with or without a trading intermediary. Selling coins directly always include a higher risk involved so be precautious at all times to avoid any unnecessary situations. Learn more about online protection and how to avoid scams that involve cryptocurrency.

How to avoid getting scammed

Try CcS

Start by downloading the CcS Core Wallet, get some CcS Coins and start staking or utilizing


The native asst of the CcS Blockchain is the CcS Coin. The CcS Coin can be compared to coins as Ethereum, Tron, Bitcoin and other native blockchain based cryptocurrencies. You can use the CcS Coin to interact with Applications or to send value to friends and families.


How to operate your own CcS Wallet and manage your CcS Coins easily starting today. Basically you only need to download the CcS Core Wallet, sync to the CcS Blockchain and start the process of your wallet creation. We can teach you all about it on the following webpage.

CcS Dapplications

Dapplications are most often products and services that run on the CcS Blockchain. There are many sort of applications that can be utulized on the CcS Blockchain among them Dapps for Business, Social Media, Financial Management, Work and Payment Management, Gaming, Private usage and more.