CcS Collectibles

CcS Collectibles are digital assets that are completely unique. Whether they are derrived out of the same smart contract still every unit within a CcS Collectible will act as its own unique collectible asset. This allows people to start a collection of digital goods or functionalities that are accessible or executable through out their wallet.

Create an unique collection

CcS Collectibles allows people to both create and collect uniques that can later be integrated into third party technologies. This will allow unique collectibles to play a bigger role into society. Imagine an exclusive club where you can only enter when you own the required collectible or specific discounts that only apply when you have the required collectible or set of collectibles.

Collectibles on and off the blockchain.

Even though a collectible will technically always live on the blockchain there are still some ways and platforms that allow a collectible or digital asset to be stored directly within their database. In this case the collectible will often be transferred to the wallet of the platform and the database will be updated to reflect this within your account. 

Integrate CcS Collectibles into society

Collectibles will play a huge role in the future. Whether collectibles will be used to validate ownership or access to a certain functionality. CcS Collectibles can be used into many types of applications.