What is CcS Blockchain?

CcS Blockchain will contribute to the foundation of a user friendly digital assets adoption

CcS is a public blockchain accessible for everyone.

Simply create your wallet and start participating on theCcS Blockchain.

CcS Coins provide global access to digital assets and data-friendly services for everyone. The CcS Blockchain is a community built technology that lays behind the Cryptocurrency CryptocoinStart (CcS). Since the CcS Blockchain can easily run 10.000 + transactions per second our block network is the perfect underground for decentralized financial management, application development, project kickstarts and crowdfunding  campaigns. 


Interesting information about CcS Blockchain

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Decentralized banking for everyone

With the CcS blockchain everyone worldwide gains access to financial services, you only need an internet connection to connect to the CcS Blockchain and start utilizing the financial solutions.

More privacy on the internet

Since you can use the CcS blockchain without specifying any personal information and are instantly connected via a decentralized protocol you have more privacy at all times.

Peer to Peer Protocol

The CcS Blockchain will give you the possibility of moving money, creating agreements or utilizing applications directly with another user or system. There is no intermediary involved. 

Censorship prevention

No government or company has the ability to control the CcS Blockchain. The CcS Blockchain has been widely decentralized making it practically impossible for anyone to prevent you from receiving or sending payments or other services.

Commerce guarantees

The CcS Blockchain provides more possibilities and layers of access. Providing customers with a secure, decentralized and a blockchain level guarantee that the funds will only change if you provided all that was needed to agree the transaction. 

Highly compatible

CcS Strives to providing better products and solutions towards blockchain and cryptocurrency asset adoption in a decentralized manner. CcS products are multipurpose compatible by default allowing anyone to grow.

Welcome to CcS

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CcS Public Blockchain

The CcS Blockchain is a decentralized technology that lets you send cryptocurrency to anyone in the world against a small transaction fee. It doesn’t matter where this person is located in the world, the fee is decided by how many transactions are being utilized and how heavy the smart contract of a certain blockchain interaction weights. Any application can be powered by the CcS Blockchain allowing fully decentralized applications to be created by anyone as well as utilized by anyone.

The CcS Blockchain is both a enterprise as personal blockchain solution that can be programmed into anything that its userbase desires. The CcS Blockchain is build on top of the technology of Bitcoin, Qtum and Ethereum making CcS one of the most powerful blockchain solutions that is currently available in the market. With big differences to how traditional money is being managed the CcS Blockchain gives a new meaning to digital money and transaction solutions. Anyone can expand on top of the CcS Blockchain Framework meaning that there are no limitations involved to how the CcS Blockchain is growing into the future.

Digital assets can be created with either predefined smart contracts or fully customized smart contracts. The CcS Blockchain is growing towards a future where creating switches in real life that interact with the power of the public blockchain is closer then ever, allowing anyone to create use cases that interact directly with their smart contracts or wallets. CcS Unlocks the global decentralized marketplace at the feet of your machine + internet connection. 

How does CcS Works

Are you ready to learn more about the CcS Blockchain and its vision towards a global adoption with endless possibilities? Start reading how the CcS Blockchain can have a drastic impact on the world and how you want to contribute to the cause.
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Start by downloading the CcS Core Wallet, get some CcS Coins and start staking or utilizing


The native asst of the CcS Blockchain is the CcS Coin. The CcS Coin can be compared to coins as Ethereum, Tron, Bitcoin and other native blockchain based cryptocurrencies. You can use the CcS Coin to interact with Applications or to send value to friends and families.


How to operate your own CcS Wallet and manage your CcS Coins easily starting today. Basically you only need to download the CcS Core Wallet, sync to the CcS Blockchain and start the process of your wallet creation. We can teach you all about it on the following webpage.

CcS Dapplications

Dapplications are most often products and services that run on the CcS Blockchain. There are many sort of applications that can be utulized on the CcS Blockchain among them Dapps for Business, Social Media, Financial Management, Work and Payment Management, Gaming, Private usage and more.