Can the CcS Blockchain contribute to a cleaner environment and healthier future?

Over the past few decades the environment has suffered from an immens amount of environmental harming materials, components, liquids and other hazardous stuff such as hydrocarbons.

One of the major goals of the founders of the CcS Blockchain is to introduce blockchain and cryptocurrency as the start for a new future. CcS Stands for CryptocoinStart which means that CcS is not just a cryptocurrency that is trying to establish a new way for people to cooperate but also to provide awareness to the users of the environment.

Digital money has several advantages when it comes to creating a cleaner and more natural environment if you look at a few of its aspects. For example when money will no longer need to be printed several industries that are harmful to the environment will come to an end. Of course, mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin cost an immense amount of money and is currently not considered to be environmental friendly at all.

Several new staking algorithms were introduced to put a stop to the abuse of energy usage however other challenges occurred such as the extremely high amount of transaction cost, easy to abuse and often driven by a community of both kind and naive people in combination with dark and evil lurking scammers who are trying to obtain access to the private keys of users their wallets.

One of the goals of the CcS Blockchain Organisation is to create awareness about the environment and to contribute to the environment by planting trees or nutrition plants, donating a variety of environmental friendly cleaning products such as AQUAQUICK 2000 or to support and help people who are in need of drastic support for whatever circumstance.

The CcS Blockchain might be driven on a POS Consensus but the founders of the organisation are driven on a POC mindset which has several meanings such as “Proof of commitment”, “Proof of Collaboration”, “Proof of Connecting” “Proof of Contributing” “Proof of Contraction”, “Proof of Cleaning”. We are open-minded to more “POC Lifestyle” incentive ideas in the future.

CcS is the mother currency of nature

CcS strives to grow towards an currency that is known for a new way of life. The CcS Blockchain and Ecosystem is more then a new digital currency concept. It is driven and conceived on the beliefs and imagination of a new potential start for humanity in a time were uncertainties and doubts have increased above the mental capabilities of the majority of humans on earth.

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