CcS MainFrame up and running

The CcS Blockchain MainFrame has finally been released after a long and steady preparation. The CcS Blockchain soft-launch release is a major breakthrough for the careful preparation that we took making sure that we are confident about the publication of the CcS Blockchain.

The CcS Blockchain was conceived based on the concept of collaboration. A blockchain mainframe and community that are open minded to help each other growing and building brick by brick along the way. The founders of the MUXE Project as well as the developer of several blockchain / cryptocurrency usecase projects are collaborating together on the distribution of the CcS Blockchain.

Initial CcS Coins Distribution Established in 2021
Initial Coin Supply: 4 Million CcS Coins
Available on the market: 80% of CcS Coins
Community Investors:10% of CcS Coins
CcS Organisation:10% of CcS Coins

The CcS Coin Initial supply contains 4 million units and the maximum supply 62,6 million units.
10% will be spread around community investors and 10% will be locked for purposes executed directly by the organisation behind the CcS protocol. These units may be used to distribute for promotional purposes, cover the cost of specific goals, or to seek financial compensation for the creation and maintenance of the CcS Framework.

The CcS Blockchain will not go through an official sale distribution but will become available to those that involve them self in reward programs, community gigs, social sharing, collaborative vibes, network promoters and other members that contribute to the future of the CcS Blockchain Ecosystem.

The first official program that is aiming to adapted the CcS Coin as a reward incentive is the BSCN News Platform ( Writers of the BSCN Network will receive rewards in several cryptocurrencies or collectibles including CcS Coins. More information about the BSCN Staking Program is coming soon.

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