CcS Blockchain to BSC and vice versa

The market seems to have evolved into a whole new dimension and with the launch of the Binance Smart Chain, a whole new world has opened around the cryptocurrency-based project market segment. While 2017 / 2018 was the year of the immense growth of new cryptocurrency projects 2021 has been the year of an evolving industry that is doing unbelievable things.

While the CcS Blockchain is a complete independent public blockchain the endless possibilities of a portal between the Binance Smart Chain and the CcS Blockchain makes place for great new ideas that could be realised on either the CcS Blockchain or the BSC Blockchain. The BSC Chain has shown that its pegged based adoption model is sustainable and well adopted into the market.

The same possibilities could eventually be established on the CcS Blockchain where users have the option to create a simultaneous connection between their BSC based smart contract and their CcS based smart contract. Eventually, this could also mean that the CcS Coin has a pegged version on the BSC Blockchain if there are reasons to explore this.

One of the reasons could be to allow the CcS Coin to participate in markets such as Pancake Swap, Bakery Swap, etc and then be swapped to the CcS Blockchain-based CcS Coin. Since the CcS Blockchain is a custom protocol and realisation of high-quality exchange integrations may be a bigger task than seems obvious it is highly possible that we will consider a BSC pegged based version of the CcS Coin.

Having said that we are currently still seeking advise on the best way to achieve this without technical complications.

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