Donation platforms on the blockchain are the future

The blockchain market keeps growing and new cryptocurrency projects are rising in every market segment available on earth. A whole new era is expanding with meme’s, Fto’s and other types of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. It is incredible that projects that would once be classified as confirmed scams due to adopting what the communities believed would be the required standards for a cryptocurrency project.

Donations are the future of crypto everyone wants to enjoy the possibility of an independent life and a way to build a bright future with the possibility of using cryptocurrency and blockchain towards this end goal.

CcS Is exploring the world of Donations and FTO’s

We believe that freedom of funding, as well as the possibility of receiving cryptocurrency, should become easily accessible to everyone available on the internet. The CcS Blockchain aims to contribute towards a public web3 where donations possibilities are integrated all across.

We have learned from many frameworks around the internet that social sharing and decentralised donations are the future and especially in a time like now it has been pointed out more clearly than ever before what the possibilities and capabilities of decentralised finance systems are.

With our upcoming mobile application, we are planning to introduce unique features into the decentralised donation industry. Inspired by great projects like who are more focused and depending on a traditional financial protocol we are aiming to introduce a decentralised protocol for kickstart and donation solutions.

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