CcS In a Box

What are CcS Coins

CcS Coins are generated via blocks on the Blockchain. In case you have no clue what that means you can compare it to a box filled with CcS Coins. CcS Coins are assets that you can use to validate information on the blockchain, to send value that is stored on the wallets of individuals on the CcS Blockchain or to make other interactions to update the information in the CcS Blockchain.

The CcS Blockchain is a decentral protocol that provides the possibility of multiple types of data management that can be deployed on the CcS Blockchain by anyone that sees a reason to.

How to obtain CcS Coins

CcS Coins can be obtained during the process of staking. People that let their machine run in order to stake are contributing to the power capacity of the CcS Blockchain by connecting they are activating a node directly from their machine. In order to stake or run a node on the CcS Blockchain all you have to do is download the core CcS Wallet, make sure that you have some CcS Coins in your wallet and make sure that your machine is fully synced and paired with the CcS Blockchain.

You will automatically start staking and will receive CcS Coins incase your machine have contributed to solve a transaction or to complete a block.

Global CcS in a Box

The CcS Blockchain will rapidly spread around the world. Many users that have followed the founders of the CcS Organisation the past few years have been prepared for the launch of the CcS Blockchain. The CcS Blockchain will have a strong followers base in Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States. With many reliable community members, IT Specialists, Software Engineers, Web developers, Faithful and loyal investors, friends and family the CcS Blockchain project is aiming for a solid future.

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