CcS Blockchain Introduction

What is the CcS Blockchain

The CcS Blockchain is a scalable public blockchain that unlocks the power of decentralization for personal and enterprise use. The CcS Blockchain was founded to provide another alternative to digital asset management at the wallet owner his own risk.

With the protocols that we have implemented in the CcS Blockchain we believe that we drastically reduce any kind of risk and therefor provide a better, faster and most important more safer blockchain environment to anyone who will make use of it.

How is the CcS Blockchain going to have an impact on the Blockchain Industry.

Knowing that many blockchain solutions that are currently available on the market are very technical based and therefor often for its users to start using or learn to work with. The CcS blockchain tackles this problem by providing a traditional interface perspective that is familiar to anyone that has worked with computers unlike most blockchains that require technical challenges to use properly.

The CcS Blockchain has several layers of protection and storage included, allowing its users to store and secure their data in a risk free way.

CcS Blockchain Transaction Speed

The CcS Blockchain allows to approve up to 10.000 transactions per second meaning that 660.000 transactions can be validated within one minute. Because of the optimized way to approve and validate transactions the transaction fees of the CcS Blockchain are extremely low.

Anyone can send transactions at the cost of nearly nothing with the CcS Blockchain Mainframe.

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